Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Without Artificial Red

The Naturally Colored Christmas post was viewed so many times, I assumed a Valentine's Day post might be helpful as well. What will be the biggest obstacle for you or your child this Valentine's Day if you avoid artificial food color? For me, it's the cherry cordial crème pies and the chocolate covered cherries.
Using chocolate or naturally colored candy like Yummy Earth Lollipops are the simplest ways to have Valentine's Day without artificial food color. For something a little more creative, check out these links.

Candy-Free Valentine Cards
Unique No-Candy Valentines from Toronto 4 Kids
Pencil Gift Tag from Our Family World
Apple of My Eye Stickers (to give with apples) from Zazzle
Popcorn Label from Bird's Party Blog
Glow Stick Valentines from Cinnaberry Suite (one of my favorites!)
Friendship Bracelet Valentines from Dandee
Printable Valentines from Remaking June Cleaver
You "Blow" Me Away from Little LDS Ideas
Goldfish Valentines from Tammy Mitchell Designs
Hot Chocolate (You Warm My Heart) from Unexpected Elegance
Homemade Fortune Cookies from Your Modern Family
Paratrooper and Bouncy Ball gifts from Paging Supermom
Heart-Shaped Fruits & Veggies
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Pseudo (sü-dō) is something fake or not genuine. Food, according to the dictionary, is "something that nourishes or sustains." Pseudo food does neither of these and may actually harm the one ingesting it. It has the appearance of food but lacks the actual characteristics.