Friday, December 13, 2013

Resources for Leaving Behind Artificial Colors

So you want to give up artificial food colors or help someone else do it? Here are some resources to help you along the way! Just leave a comment if you know a link that could be added.

Goodbye Artificial Colors - Pinterest board with links to foods and brands without artificial colors, companies to be wary of, and natural colors to use at home

B in Real Life - She has a 5-day series of posts called Bye Bye Food Dye. I found the FAQ to be particularly helpful. B also has a few helpful Pinterest boards at Die, Food Dye.

Feingold Diet - According to their website, "It's a diagnostic tool to determine if certain foods or food additives are triggering some or all of the problems you are seeing. It is continued as a treatment. It can also be combined with any other necessary medical treatments." If you come across recipes on the Internet that say "Approved for the Feingold Diet," they won't contain artificial colors or flavors.

Natural Food Color Brands
Here are companies making natural food colors for your homemade creations.
Chocolate Craft Colors
Natural Candy Store - It has so much more than just natural colors!
India Tree
Maggie's Naturals - Food coloring and sprinkles. Liquid color is not concentrated.
Seelect - It doesn't list exact ingredients of every color. Some just say "Ingredients: Plant and Vegetable Extract."

Natural Food Color Recipes and Tips
Want a DIY approach that is much less expensive? Some bloggers have tried their hands at making homemade food colors with fruits and veggies. 
Nourishing Joy
Lunch Box Bunch
An Organic Wife

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