Monday, December 2, 2013

Naturally Colored Christmas Food

Many companies capitalize on the holidays by offering red and green treats, and many party foods are oozing with the artificial colors as well. Fortunately, Christmas doesn't have to be so unnatural. Simple tricks can be used, like using natural food colors or naturally colored candies in place of the artificial colors (like Sunspire Sun Drops Chocolate Candies). Colorful place settings and centerpieces can be used instead of colorful food. And then there are these fun ideas from around the web:

Decorate the packaging instead of the food.
Snowmen Popcorn Cups

Decorate your food table with a Christmas tree platter.
Incorporate more white for a wintery look.
Pair red and green fruits and veggies.
What are your favorite holiday foods, and how do you make them without artificial color?

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